Feb 2, 2009
outlaw98 (All reviews)
At the time I first watched this anime, I was just randomly picking animes on myanimelist and watching them regardless of their score. Inukami in particular didn't look like anything special, but it turned out to be the shining gem buried in a pile of shit.

Story and Art were good. At times the story didn't follow the story arc format, and each episode possessed its own individual stories, but closer to the end of the series, Inukami does turn into a story arc show.

This show looked like just another ecchi comedy anime, but I was greatly mistaken with this judgment. While the humor is perverted in nature, it veers away from the usual "trip and fall on top of the girl with the hand touching an inappropriate place," and the overly used sexual situations that usually occur in animes. The humor of this anime is just plain WRONG in a good way. The humor is perverted in nature, but not in a sexual way (I know that sounds like a contradiction, but you'll know what I mean when you watch it).

Lets just say all of the villains are unbelievably likable. They all seem to have a male genital complex. Instead of using their hands or swords for weapons, THEIR GENITALS BECOME THE WEAPONS that the heroes must fight against (I know WTF). Just try watching the first episode and I know you will definitely be hooked.