Nov 18, 2013
Skathie (All reviews)
I don't think I can write about the story without somewhat giving away spoilers but I shall try my best. The story starts according to the synopsis but changes very quickly due an immediate tragedy. I found the tragedy sad and endearing somewhat but I felt the characters in the story did not address their feelings towards the tragedy as there are some rather large time skips in the manga. The first 3 or 4 chapters have significant time skips ranging from months to years which can make the manga kind of confusing if you don't pay good attention.

Despite this slightly awkward being the general story is quite good in terms of romance you don't really know where some things are going which allows you to be surprised and anticipate the new chapters, lets just say that you shouldn't assume you always understand what is going on inside the characters minds.

Some of the characters are more fleshed out than others. The main character (or who I THOUGHT was the main character) is probably the least fleshed out at all, saying that there are only 6 chapters translated into english perhaps he may get some character development later on.

There are other characters such as one of the tsundere brothers who are better developed who I enjoy reading about, he has a very interesting mind set and great character development which in this case is actually helped by the time skips unlike some of the other characters.

I am personally in favour of Yamamoto Kotetsuko's art style in general as I have a read a few of her other manga however I do find often that in her mangas the 'short' guys all look kind of childish and not at all their age group. The main character in this manga looks to be around the same age as some of the younger siblings its kind of weird but his build defies this and makes him look slightly older, its weird really. I wouldn't let the art put you off I would just be wary of this.