Nov 10, 2013
When was the last time you saw a sequel to an anime and thought to yourself, "this was say better than the previous seasons." Rarely. Am I correct? Well with the third instalment of to Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai franchise, I can promise you that this instalment surpasses the previous two.

The story of this season continues in a similar fashion to the other two, however in this season Keima has to reconquer his former heroines from the past. Unlike the other two seasons, by the end of this anime we get to see hints that Keima will develop a lot as a character, but still remain the same Keima we know and love.

The art of the anime is very similar to the other two seasons. Nothing really changes with each of the characters in terms of design, and art. The art remains phenomenal, I very much liked how there's a great amount of detail in each scene, you can pause at anytime during a scene and see the level of detail within the frame, definitely makes me appreciate this anime more. In terms of sound, everything seems fine. The voices of the characters seem well suited for each of the personalities of each one of them. Background music was appropriate was appropriate to each specific scene during the anime. The OST is quite charming itself, although it might not be a cup of tea for everyone since the sound is quite intricate.

Now for the characters, most of the characters remain the same, but unlike the other two seasons we definitely see character development, however it is mainly just Keima. Unfortunately Elsie is not a main character in this season, which was a little upsetting for me since I liked her as a character and her bubbly personality, but for the focus of this season, I think it was natural that she was not put in as a main character just because this season sets a different aura than the other two. In terms of Keima's development, as I said before we get small hints here and there near the end of the anime that he’s going to mature, and potentially give up his love of gaming?

For the enjoyment, I definitely enjoyed this season a lot more than the other two. In my opinion the first two seasons were very similar, it was just Keima going around conquering females and helping Elsie with her quests. This season it is quite fresh, similar yet different compared to the prequels, but the concept of conquering females remain, which is what the viewers and fans want when watching this anime. The only problem I had with this season was with the last Heroine, it felt very rushed and the flow of the anime just felt off at that point. Even though that was the only thing I did not like, it still wasn't enough for me to enjoy this anime.

Personally I’m not a big fan of harems, but this is one of the few harems that I did enjoy. Overall Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Megami-hen was an excellent anime; I’d rate it as a 9 out of 10. But in order to really appreciate it you must watch the first two seasons. With that being said I would definitely recommend this anime to anyone who enjoys a good romance or comedy, but watch the first two seasons first!

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Reviewer’s Rating: 8
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