Nov 10, 2013
Cryztel (All reviews)
Story:- Pretty interesting. From what I've read, the timeline is before the anime "BlazBlue: Alter Memory" because it is seen that there's is a young version of Ragna. The main character herself is pretty cute. The name Mai Natsume has a tingling sense of a traditional Japanese name.

Art:- Whole whole shitload of ecchiness but I don't really pay much attention to it soo :3. It's pretty good for a doujinshi guy.

Character:- Well it only explains the main character's background. Well it's only been 15 chapters. Give it some time and hope the creator dosen't drop it.

Enjoyment: - It is really enjoyable but I gave it a 9 because there's some part that are "I was expecting that ecchi" kind of stuff.

Overrall:- 9.13/10