Nov 6, 2013
glaceon_cute (All reviews)
Danball Senki Wars's targets are kids so no wonder that there aren't many people are watching this. However, it's truly a hidden gem that actually has a nice story and deveplopment.

For the story, I give 9. The story starts off very simple: a hot-blooded boy who has a big dream of becoming a pro LBXs player goes to the school and meets his friends. It's very kiddy, but at the same time, you can feel the competition inside the school and its seriousness. It really gives off an armosphere that they are really in War. However, after a douze of episodes, the story starts changing slowly and slowly. Many secrets are revealed, the antagonists appear." What is the purpose of the Second World?" is the biggest question of the series. They start with a simple reason: a simulation to research the method of keeping peace. As the story goes on, the reason changes: To actually keep peace in the real world. Then, many doubts are going on and now it's revealed that they actually use humans to research and make the Second World. Doubts, betrayals and wars are not usually seen in Kid shows, but DBW isn't affraid to put them in its story.

The art, like any other kid shows, is not good. The background is very nice, but the characters sometimes are being drawn carelessly. However, the characters' designs are unique and you can easily recognize who with who.

The sound is really nice. The first opening is really tuny and cheery, just like its fun start. The second opening suddenly changes its tone and it's perfectly fit with the situation they are in. The background songs are unique, especially its battle theme. The second ending, which has 3 main characters sing together, is really gentle and beautiful; it's like you can totally feel their emotion and their dream of peace.

As I say before, the characters are really unique, they have different problems and strenght. Everyone in classroom, even the supporting characters have their time to shine. Arata, the main char, is deveploped well throughout the story. He is hot-blooded, but he still has fear inside him and he doubts himself. Hikaru starts off as an arrogant person, but he changes and believes in his team. Haruki has a fear and regret of the past, but he overcomes it and smiles more. You can't really hate any characters, even the antagonists, because they always give off a feeling that they are doing this for some reasons.

Overall, this is a nice show to refresh yourself from those hard - complicated animes outside. You can enjoy its stupidness, but also enjoy the battle, the strategy and plot twists, not to mention the philosophy hidden in characters' lines (trust me, they are all over the place). It's simple, but not bad. Best kid show I have watched so far.