Nov 1, 2013
Noktoartifice (All reviews)
Essentially, Digital Juice is a collection of very short pieces of animation, each of which tell a story of some description. Unfortunately, most of these stories are mediocre at best. Let's Review:

This segment is basically some sort of trailer for some sort of samurai film. It has an incredibly unfitting soundtrack, is poorly animated, and is basically incredibly odd. Probably the worst segment.

Part Two: Chicken's Insurance
This segment is considerably better than the previous one. It basically consists of an old chicken attempting to sell insurance to two delinquent chickens. It doesn't end well. The animation was alright, but certainly not the best the studio has to offer. Overall, it's a fairly decent segment.

Part Three: TOJIN KIT
This is the shortest segment in the OVA, and honestly one of the best. It has no legible story, but is well animated, and very intriguing.

Part Four: In the evening of a Moonlit Night
Alright, this is, for me, the best segment, hands down. It has little story, but is basically about sexual awakening. The animation is exquisite, the song that soundtracks the segment is great, and the whole thing is enjoyable. Again, easily the best part.

Part Five: Table and Fisherman
To be honest, I did not really get this sequence. I will say that whatever plot it had was interesting, but that's about all I can really say that's positive about it.

Part Six: The Saloon in the Air
Again, I didn't really understand this segment.The animation is not very good at all, and the segment's plot is about a group of ...things in a bar. That's in the sky. Yeah. That's it. Pretty disappointing end, really.

So, all in all, Digital Juice is Decent. Decent. That's really all. I would suggest watching the better parts of it, like In the evening of a Moonlit Night, or Chicken's Insurance. I suppose the whole thing is worth watching, but it's really not the best thing Studio 4°C has to offer.