Oct 29, 2013
bloggbigg (All reviews)
This is an OVA. It is actually 'stand alone' and has little to do with the main series. This presents itself as one of those 'ever popular' historical period re-envisioning episodes, and seems to use the 'personalities' (more or less) of the characters at the end of the series- but not really. Long story short, this OVA is constructed like a filler episode, is completely disconnected from the series, and probably isn't worth watching unless you're a completionist.
In addition to the characters being 'off', the plot is weak, and resolved multiple times by what I assume are blatant and intentional Deus ex Machina resolutions. You my find the nonsensical/quirky outcomes humorous (I think that was the intent), but in comparison to the original series, this episode is a bit of a let-down to say the least.
I don't know why they made this. It's not horrible, but it's not very good either. It was probably created as 'light-hearted', intentional nonsense- but doesn't quite pull it off.
Watch it if you want, just know it presents as a 'proper (but bland) story' for about 2/3rds before spiraling into insanity/obscurity. There is a reason the main series is ranked around 500 (good), and this one ranks in around 1700 (nowhere near as good). The reason is they are two completely different anime.

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