Oct 27, 2013
kurokoko (All reviews)
If you want to see Anime all bundled up into one in the most stereotypical setting with the most cliche characters and unoriginal title and all the hilariously idiotic romance you could ask for, this is for you-- I love it!

I had the experience of watching Baka no Test as one of my first Shojo anime and I could hardly contain my outbursts of laughter and confusion. Then, I watched it after watching a lot of anime, and I still laughed because it brought back so many memories.

You have the cute, perfect, sexual magnet, (who can't cook) innocent girl that the hero seems to have a thing for- there's the pretty, flat-chested, violent, smart common sense-wise, tomboy who gets made fun of way too much and has a thing for the hero and people seem to dump pity on her-there's the pervert who has a nosebleed about everything and can't seem to put down his camera- the main character's hot, smart, tsundere friend who's relationship can be mistaken as gay with the main character- there's the quiet, dangerous, mysterious, extraordinary girl who hunts down the main character's best friend- the gay, smart one who just can't keep a cool head around his crush- the crazy, stalker chick that can't stay away from one of the heroines- the one that's made fun of for being both sexualities at once...

These are the Archetypal characters of anime and whenever you revisit them, you can't help but laugh your head off.
This anime makes fun of any anime with any of these characters, this plot of starting from the bottom and getting to the top, summoning beasts, high school, and every genre in between.

Given that you don't need an insanely deep plot and you're looking for something light-hearted to watch: this is the anime that I recommend you watch!