Jan 25, 2009
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ghiblix2 (All reviews)
What this manga revolves around can simply be described in two words, wheelchair basketball -- but that surely does it as much justice as calling nights dark.

If you've seen the movie Murderball, then this series is a essentially and almost entirely just the manga format of what that documentary has to offer in terms of issues relating to people of the disability -- but from a Japanese perspective of course. As a side note, if you haven't seen Murderball then get off your ass and do so!

Takehiko's brilliance can be seen immediately in his art. It is his own and it is unquestionably excellent and recognizable -- my personal favorite among manga artists. What makes his work so superb and endearing are his characters. Upon reading any series of his, be it Slam Dunk!, Vagabond, or this one, the immediate impression of the characters is that they are just that, characters. They have very specific personalities and their mannerism and dialogues and all other aspects to them are very specific to them. An obvious observation yes, however, this does wonders in providing a certain realism and depth concerning the ability of the reader to relate and understand the scope of what the characters within Inoue's mangas, and do so with an incredible grasp of who and what the characters represent with a certain clarity that is in my opinion genius.

Every page, and even the ones with not a single word communicate vastly the experience and environment of the characters within them and the thoughts and minds of these common yet distinct people that you will have the gratifying experience of encountering in a manga.

Fun. Emotional. Endearing. Memorable.