Jan 20, 2009
Draykid (All reviews)
Being both a fighting fan and a ridiculous shonen fan is probably only half the reason why I like this. The other half is that I'm not grossed out by the gratuitous amounts of shredded male nudity. The story is pathetic, yes, and the art's actually really bad from a general standpoint, but there's tons of fighting, great characters, tons of fighting, and did I mention that there is a lot of god damn fighting? The ridiculous physical feats are astounding as well. One of the characters from the first Baki series, Scarface, can effortlessly bend coins, tear apart thick card decks, and squeeze your arm so hard it "explodes." He fights a guy who almost toppled the statue of liberty. Yeah, that's right.

So if you're a fan of ridiculous levels of violence, absolutely insane fights, almost stupid physical accomplishments, and shredded 300-pound slabs of man, then this is for you.