Jan 19, 2009
Dr_Jan_Itor (All reviews)
The Short Review for the Reader without much time:
Story (3/10): What story?! Well, there was a storyline for the first and last two episodes of this anime, and then 9 episodes of filler. 9 EPISODES OF FILLER IN A 13 EPISODE ANIME. Is this anime so inconsistent that it can't even stick to the plot for over two consecutive episodes?! Hence the low score.
Art (8/10): The art is the best thing about this anime, is is fluid, clean, detailed, and rich in color.
Sound (6/10): The music matches the anime pretty well, ecchi all the way. It's the video with the music that is...interesting.
Characters (6/10): The characters all have flat personalities: they all love the guy, and they are all...lets just say "brave" in public.
Enjoyment (6/10): Eh. Some new developments that were quite interesting. Mostly mumbo jumbo.
Overall: (5/10)