Oct 13, 2013
Bissen (All reviews)
Seeing many not-so-praising reviews of this show, I felt compelled to write a review, although it's something I rarely do.

You may call me biased, but I.LOVE.THIS.SHOW. It has, without a doubt, become of my favorite shows. This may be due to the fact that I'm a pretty hardcore Naruto-fan, but none the less, I really do believe this show deserves major credits.

There's no real plot (although Orochimaru continuously tries to crush Konoha), but other than that, it's just Rock Lee (as the main character), hanging out with everyone else in the village.
It's a collection of smaller stories, and each one is absolutely hilarious. If I find this due to the "small brains - small pleasures"-principal, I'll let remain unsaid, but the humour gets me every time.

I see many people complain about how it ruins the characters from the main show (Naruto), but I find it easy to separate the two. (Okay, I admit - on Naruto message boards, I like to consider Naruto SD canon, lol).

Art: 6/10
It's all chibi form, which makes it easy to distance the characters from the main show. Though admittedly, I do sometimes chuckle a little when I hear Neji, as I recall some scenes...

Sound: 10/10
Soundtrack is awesome. I actually love listening to it by itself. Really hoping there'll be a release of the latter half of the used tracks!

Character: 10/10
Characters are comical caricatures... with a twist.
Lee constantly making Neji cross-dressing, Tenten as pierrot, Gai being super-ultra Gai, Tsunade being even more focused on gambling and luck. Really, I love them! Neji may be a favourite, being over-protective of Hinata. Meet Team Taka, Akatsuki, Orochimaru and Kabuto ever so slightly different...

Enjoyment: 10/10
I enjoy this show immensely. I don't even know how many times I've watched/listened to the episodes. It's equally funny every time! I know many people in the more hardcore Naruto communities share my view upon it, even wishing its continuation more than that of the main show.

Overall: 10/10 (1010 = Tenten *PUN! badum-tisch*)
Saying "I LOVE THIS SHOW!" would really just be repeating myself... but I'll do it anyways.
I LOVE THIS SHOW. I listen to it all day long (but that is also part of my Japanese practice).

Do yourself the favor, especially if you're a Naruto-fan and like simple humor, and watch this show. I remember watching part of the very first episode and thinking "... nah", and half a year later randomly watching episode 40, thinking: "Oh my Gawd, what have I missed out on?! This show is awesome!". I literally laugh out loud - every time!

You may call me simple-minded... biased is okay, too.
Hope you found my review helpful.