Oct 10, 2013
structure (All reviews)
What is this and why exactly did I watch it? Even after watching this 2 minute short, I can answer neither. I can however tell you what I thought about it and tell you what it's about without spoiling it for you.

A naked man appears out of nowhere in the bedroom of the 19-year-old and heartbroken girl, Ai, and with him, he brings what could solve all her problems.. Or so she thought.

The art and animation quality is what you would expect from a 2 minute, 1 episode ONA, it's not exactly high-end, but it gets the job done and it's surprising detailed at places, definitely not a bad ONA art-wise, if you don't mind a rather silly cartoon-ish look that is.

With themes such as realizing one's own mistakes, helping others, betrayal and an intense battle to top it all off, Hot-blooded Alien does what you can do in 2 minutes and leaves it at that. It's not directly bad, it lays out a promising start but ends itself as soon as what they laid out is about to start.

Story: 4, Art: 6, Sound: 5, Characters: 6, Enjoyment: 6, Overall: 6. Too bad it ended before it even started.