Oct 10, 2013
Maz-Maz (All reviews)
Altojin, an orphan with evidently superior magical powers (however these magical powers weren’t called, ‘magical powers’ in the story; NO, the author thought they’d outdo themselves by coming up with… ‘Aura’) had wowed the two princes of Chigul thus introducing a love-triangle, brotherly betrayal, war and witchcraft. Great, all’s well if it ends well. The storyline was so original that I could just list the plot in less than a long sentence… Note the sarcasm.

The plot was awful; in a nonsensical sense. There’s rape that happens in the first volume that the author did not follow up on; Altojen watched the Prince and his step-mother (forgive the term) fuck for crying out loud and egged them on (she’s a bloody voyeur!) but NOOOOO, she’s still quote ‘pure’ unquote. Then there’s the inconsistencies where things like the prince kills his dad and the next page Altojin knows about it, like who told her? He just killed him, I mean, right NOW. The fact that she did kind off suggests that the author was trying hard not to fall asleep while writing (I can definitely relate).

At a time when all that women did was cook and *cough* *cough* reproduce...

Don't look at me like that feminists, it was true!

You get a girl of marriageable age who playing around with dudes war-practice-games: yeaaaah, right. I mean sure she was an orphan, but the most logical thing for the host family to do (at the time) was to sell her off as a slave, however what do they do? They feed her and clothe her (for free) and let her ride around on a horse (a man’s thing), seriously? Sibel is exactly what a woman was at the time: a commodity taken from one man and given to the next; raped by both the king and later the prince. That was such a sad past.

Moving on to art: but before that a little rant.

So we’re continuing on reading the awful Manga when, up pops THE guy with the eye-patch, I mean, is there a guy with an eye-patch IN EVERY MANGA!!!! COME ON! It doesn’t make the character cool or anything nor does it add to the Manga, it’s just a character that keeps flashing an eye at the reader!


End of rant.

The art was rather good, well-proportioned and shaded; I felt that it kind of made up for the abysmal plotline because of the effort I could tell the illustrator put in. However (I just couldn’t leave it at that), the art at times got pretty plain and non-detailed so there was a lack of consistency (sometimes it WAS detailed then… Yes, I’m looking at you, illustrator) and the weird elf dude. Just. What’s up with that?

Apparently, you can't get away from racism even in Manga. The story is set in Genghis Khan’s time so basic research says that there must be an Islamic theme, right (Wiki is your friend)? But no, the writer apparently couldn’t be bothered to do basic research because (a) the evil despot is Muslim (come on, coincidence?), (b) the main character is a sun worshipper who does magic however is a 'Muslim' and (c) the entire country finds witchcraft cool. This just says to me that the author is ignorant, and wants to spread hate and disinformation.

Not cool.

In conclusion, Tenma no Ketsuzoku made me realise that I read things that torment me endlessly. The story’s shallow and unrealistic tale, the sucky characters’ personalities [read the scene where Prince Olsbolt kills his dad due to miscommunication (of all the bad reasons...)] and the Manga’s lack of culturally themed settings makes this a pretty sucky read. The part where the author gives Prince Olsbolt the ability to smack things out of people’s hands just by looking at them (is it too late to start calling him Lord Voldemort?) decided it: I don’t like this book and it gets a thumbs down.