Oct 10, 2013
shast007 (All reviews)
when i find this anime of some recommendation of my past anime, ill see the cover photo, " i think its genre is comedy" i said to myself, but i was mistaken because its fantasy genre.

i become attract to this anime because i see that the main character is over power but lazy, one of the trait i want in the anime.

story 7/10
gift game? its to difficult to understand the story, because i when i see gift game, i remember " sword art online" thats why i cant understand the story.

sound 8/10
well the opening is not good and not bad.
the ending song is good, like the song and the art

character 10/10
izayoi- an over power MC but lazy ( one of the fav. traits in character ) you can think that in the 1st ep he can defeat the last boss already
asuka- or she addressed as my lady, i thought she can develop an feelings on izayoi
kasukabe- a tamer with a talking cat

enjoyment 10/10
before i watch an anime, i expect something. if that expectation cant be meet i cant continue to watch the anime, but it depends on the genre or the story.
just like this anime, im not expecting anything to this anime. but when im the time i watching this, i see that even there is no romance i can enjoy an anime when i like the trait of the MC, for example: The MC is lazy, unmotivated, dont have any friends, only depend on himself, have dark past. but he is the strongest character or overpower, others always mock him because of his laziness, but in the end the one who mock him always praise him in the end.
thats the example i like in some anime that i see in this anime.

overall 8/10
because of few ep. i expecting more episode for the next season ( i hope there is next season for this anime )