Oct 10, 2013
shast007 (All reviews)
the 1st time i watch this anime is in year of 2005 i think

on that time i dont like some anime ( i think im 11 yrs old on that time ) but when i see kira yamato change on that time ( ep 11 awakening sword ) or he released his true power or gone berserk i find this anime interesting. but i dont make an effort to criticized the story on that time

2011- i planned to watch to watch this anime because i remember it.
on that time i try to criticized the story or try to understand. because i want to know why are they fighting or what are they fighting for? well in the end i didnt understand to much of it because my mind is focus in fighting gundam.

2012- at this time i finished to watch this anime, not only finished, i understand the difficult situation on that anime. i learn some thing that can motivate me in this anime.

story 9/10
to difficult to understand but when you understand the story im sure you can like this anime

sound 10/10
i like the op 1-4 because when the 1st time i hear it i cant forget it, its not like the other anime op that after i hear the op i can easily forgot. i even memorize the lyrics of t.m revolution invoke ( opening 1 )

character 9/10
kira yamato- he is like an overpower character ( for my opinion ). hes berserker skill is the thing that i attract to this anime.

enjoyment 8/10
just like i said in the story part, the 1st time i watch this anime i think its boring like other gundam series i previous watch. but when i watch it again on the right age, i find this anime more interesting, because my mind is mature enough to understand difficult anime.

overall 8/10
because i like the fighting of mechas or machine, i like the romance ( just like the unexpected love team dearka and Miriallia, my favorite part there is when the two develop each other).