Oct 9, 2013
shast007 (All reviews)
after finishing s1 of "The world God only knows" i started to watch this season

Its like the season 1, or continuation of the last ep of s1. " conquer all the girl to capture the loose soul"

i like the opening because its English. The lyrics is match on the anime.

same as season 1, elsie and keima.
but in this season not only school girl he needs to conquer
there is a: teacher, a tsundere girl, and a annoying classmate

i totally enjoy watching this anime, because i though he cant conquer a cold hearted girl ( tsundere ), a annoying classmate, and a teacher.i totally laugh when he failed ( the time when he needs a help in his sensei nikaido ) he have a wrong decision there. When the time he conquer the teacher, i learn many things.

10/10 because of comedy romance. :)