Oct 6, 2013
Nikorin (All reviews)
Story is about... yup there isn't one story but 3 of them mixed together. All very sweet and definitely for girls.
Main story is about childhood friends. One of them had accident and can't play basketball anymore..
2nd one is about boy that fell in love with his teacher.
3rd is my favourite, about boy that asked his father's friend, famous writter to live in his house.

Story 7/10
It was definitely well written for just one volume and 3 different stories. You can like characters, be "in their skin". Some of stories are sweet, some bitter-sweet so your teeth won't hurt from reading this.

Art 5/10
Character design is quite well done. Handsome boys and older guys and even beutiful woman. Everything that a girl reading it would like.
There are some nice details like can of beer or cute little tomatoes in the food but the thing I really hate in this manga is EMPTINESS. No backgrounds.. sometimes even no rasters just plain white/grey space.

Character 7/10
They were really well written for such a short story. My favourite character was famous writter.
You can hate some of them but each of those guys has their own character and a little bit of development.

Enjoyment 8/10
I give it a fair 8 'cause I enjoyed it. Of course I wanted some more yaoi scenes, maybe even sex but I got "+16" on the cover so couldn't expect much.
The thing you can enjoy is the variety of stories. Each of them is really different so you won't get bored.

Overall 7/10 (6.75)
7 is a little bit too high in my opinion but I give it only because of all this character development in such a short time. It's something that some authors can't do even in 50 volumes.

If you are a girl, love bitter-sweet love stories and BL then this manga is definitely for you. Nice volume that you can read while drinking warm tea and eating cookies.