Oct 3, 2013
Xerallite (All reviews)
Here we have the sequel of K-On! with a 4-koma format written by Kakifly it brings a new atmosphere for After School Tea-Time. Waiting for them is a brand-new collage life, new people, and the continuation of their fun journey together.

Taking place in an all-girls school collage the group of friends hopes to join the pop music club, bringing the experience from their senior year with them. I’m pretty sure you have a sense of what K-On! is all about. You shouldn't expect a complex plot that’s difficult to understand let alone a big development in the story being the slice-of-life manga it is. It’s filled with comedy that you are familiar with in the prequel, and the cuteness of the characters.

Here’s a summary of the After School Tea-Time band members, each having their own entertaining personalities. First we have Yui being a carefree happy-go-lucky person, she creates a fun ambiance within the band. Mugi, your tropical rich girl having the desire of being one of the “common” people, I love watching her trying to reach her dreams of becoming normal. The ever so popular Mio, having a shy personally, making it worst after a certain incident during the band’s first performance in the festival. Being loud and energetic Ritsu is the drummer of the band, manipulating, and messing around with her childhood friend, Mio. Again you shouldn't expect a huge character devolvement or a complex one. But of course this manga isn't going to be completely focused on those four. We actually get introduce to five new characters. The three freshmen, Akira, Sachi, and Ayame being a group of friends with their band called “Only Girlz”. And the upperclassman’s of the pop music club, Kana Yoshii and Chiyo Hirose.
Akira, having a punk appearance with her short ruffled hair, piercings, and having a bit of a tsundere attitude she can be seen as Yui’s replacement of Azusa. Additionally I believe she’s the only one with a minor development in character throughout the manga. Playing the bass Sashi has a similar personality with Mio but is self-conscious and embarrassed about her height. Being the drummer of the band Ayame looks after Akira making sure she doesn't go too far, setting her straight kind of like what Mio does with Ritsu.
To the upperclassman’s Kana Yoshii is the club president, having much the same values as Sawa-chan, obsessed with school uniforms (cosplay), beauty, age, and looking young. I can’t say much about Chiyo, but she was in the same band with Kana in the past which isn't active anymore.

The art was very pleasant, especially in the beginning of the chapter where most of them are coloured in which is a nice bonus.

Being one of the first manga I've read and actually bought a matter of fact, I enjoyed it very much. There was times where I laughed out loud at Yui’s carefree personality, mainly because she my favorite out of everyone. Also it’s brought back memories when I was watching K-On! seeing everyone and how they get along with each other was a nice reminder of how great this franchise has become.

If you are looking for more K-On! or just a big a fan, then without question this should be in your plan to read list. It was very enjoyable and it’s great to see more from the original creator of K-On!

Thanks for reading!