Oct 1, 2013
red_888 (All reviews)
Fushigi Yuugi has been my favorite eversince my elementary school days and up until now, i am surprised that im still engaged to this eventhough i am in my twenties ;).

I have finished the anime and OVA's and started reading the manga after reading the Fushigi Yuugi : Genbu Kaiden. Suddenly, i feel the rush to read the manga itself (i was not planning to since ive watched the episodes). Though there's only little difference than the anime, it seems like it gives me the same feelings. I guess, even if i watch it over and over again or even read, it'll give me the same emotion. It might sound weird but i dont know, it seems to me that the characters are real. Like somehow they were just there watching over me ( nyehehehe). Maybe its because of Yuu Watase's great passion for making the manga.

I gave it an outstanding, overall. Now that ive finished even the manga, i'll miss the moments when i laughed, cried and feel the love with them!