Jan 14, 2009
PinkMed (All reviews)
Meine Liebe 1st session has a serious, dark and mysterious atmosphere which will might draw u into it, nevertheless is one of those anime you keep watching and hoping you will see some action in the next episode but it lets your hopes down considering that the only action u will see is at the last 3 episodes.

Story: is exactly what explained in synopsis… after watching all 13 episodes I would consider the synopsis a spoiler because there is nothing more to it! The presentation of characters was too long and in my honest opinion it could be easily summarized in 2 or 3 episodes! Each character had, at least, 1 episode all to himself and I cant help wondering if the creators had lots of founds but no story to tell with the exception of the last 3 episodes were we see some action taking place, which I believe helped on “selling” the 2nd season.

Art: The character design is a bit disappointing for my likes. Although all the male characters were pretty, yet though serious, this artwork failed to provide the emotions each one had. Being sad or happy their faces didn’t had any difference at all or maybe it was so small which made it unnoticeable.

Sound: The opening and ending sound track looked like it was taken out of a current pop album which has nothing to do with the serious, dark and mysterious atmosphere that the series had. The music played in the episodes as a background though is fairly what a watcher expects to hear so the sound in overall is not that bad.

Characters: is what we will see in detail in this anime so yeah they are interesting individuals all with a sad story background.

Enjoyment: Overall I have no regrets watching this anime my time passed fairly well although I admit I caught myself being bored in some episodes. I don’t know yet if I will continue watching the sequel (Meibe Liebe wieder) maybe if I have nothing more to watch at some point I might consider. The only reason I gave this anime 7 instead of 6 is because for some strange reason (perhaps the gloomy dark atmosphere) it kept me on watching it to the end when most of the times after 3-4 episodes I abandon a series I don’t like or I find boring to watch.