Jan 13, 2009
MoMo-Da-Gr8 (All reviews)
I loved this anime so much! :D

Summary of Story:
Samatarou is not just an average high-school boy, the truth is that he is the son of a god, his mother is a goddess and his sisters are candidates to become goddesses. They are living in the human world, because they want their boy learn about the human customs and the habits of the creatures that they are protecting, so that in this way Samatarou will become a better god. Tenko is a angel assigned to look after Samatarou. She's born the same day, same year as Samatarou and have been close friends ever since. Life seems normal but things start to change with the appearance of a transfer student named Kumiko. Samatarou falls in love with her and from now on, things will be a lot more different for him. His decision of making her fall in love with him without using his powers will put him in trouble.

The story goes BEYOND that right there. That's only the first few episodes. Its gets REALLY complicated thereafter.

I think this may be the only factor I didn't like out of the entire series. I mean, the art was cute and all, but the animation kinda failed in some parts. There were awkward faces that looked really awful and the movements seemed strange at times. 7/10

Opening Theme:
Brand New Morning by Mai Mizuhashi

Ending Theme:
Toshokan dewa Oshiete Kurenai by Mai Mizuhashi

I simply ADORED the music to this show. The BGM was amazing, most of it, not ALL, but most of it fit to where it was needed, and where it wasn't needed. I loved the op and ed songs, they fit the theme of the show really well. :D 10/10

I don't understand why this was called a harem. I mean, most of the girls where his sisters and one was even a minor. And then there were only two girls after his heart. Oh well. Now, the story is what kept me on my seat. The first arc (The one about him trying to win a girls heart with out his powers) was cute and all, but the third one and final one is the best. I loved the plot twists, the darkening of the characters and all the deception. The addition of new characters and love makes it a wonderful watch. 10/10

Ok. Ive seen SO many people hating on Samatarou (The main guy). Yes. He may have been SLIGHTLY dumb and slow, but I found him overly adorable. He was innocent in everything, just stupid. Tenko, his guardian angel was awesome too. She may have been slightly whiny, but that helped Sama-Chan realize a few important things. Now, the weird characters were his family. God, and God's wife had ISSUES BEYOND ISSUES. Holy crap. I mean srsly, his mother had a very odd sense of logic. His elder sister was strange as well, but his younger sister was the cool one. And then, you've got Ai-Chan and Lulu, Kumiko and Fumiko, & Suguru and Fuu. Kumiko and Fumiko, I think, are the only characters I hate from the series. Other than that, I loved all the characters~10/10

If your looking for a comical yet romantic, then turns dark and exciting anime, Kamisama Kazoku is the one for you. Im sure you'll enjoy every bit of it! I know I did! 8D 10/10