Sep 23, 2013
Falara (All reviews)
Please Rape Me! is maybe not that what you are expecting. There are rapes but not in that really hard way, like the girls don't get bond or any similiar like this. It also has alot of comedy in it except when a girl was crying and they still acted like it was comedy, i was a bit like: o_O Some sex scenes were really "default" that they were kind of boring though.

But nonetheless Sari is the really interesting character in this story, pretty sassy girl that blackmails the "Wannabe Rapist" but gives him advices in raping a girl. i really liked sari and those "stealthy cumshots" were really funny xD I just hoped for a third Sari Episode if you know what i mean :3

So if you like a comedic Hentai, with Characters/Story Background and don't wait for sex scenes every second, you are good to watch this series.