Sep 20, 2013
Redd396 (All reviews)
Now this anime is a very interesting one. I have a lot to say about this anime and I'm having a hard time deciding where to begin.
Well it seems only fitting to start at the one thing that makes this anime stand out for me above all animes in its category, the magic. Generally anime magic is much like, well anything else animes use, as powerful and versatile as the writers want it to be. However this anime has the best magic in any anime I've ever seen. The magic just seems so real, the way they use it the way they talk about it, even just how each magic seems to have its own set of rules and limitations. Now in you may be thinking that the magic in this can't compare to the magic in say Fairy Tail. However, while it certainly does have a significantly larger stock of both magic and magic users, I often found myself feeling like the creators of Fairy Tail to be using "magic" in place of the word "power." In Rental Magica, the magica is much more defined, from beginning to end, and there's never a moment where you think, "why didn't he do that earlier?" or "if she could do that all along why'd they have trouble with the cannon fodder from earlier?" But I digress.
Next is the main character. For me this is the sort of main character I love, he's intelligent (mostly) friendly, and wants to be helpful, as well as having the power to basically be the strongest member of the group (but as to not spoil anything I won't go into detail). The people around him all can more than fend for themselves but he often finds himself feeling like he's relying on them to save him.
This anime has a lot to offer and is something that i feel like everyone should give a chance. its a great anime that I can watch a dozen times, that's why its my fourth favorite anime.