Sep 18, 2013
Ms9222 (All reviews)
Hey there!

So I just got done watching Brothers Conflict, the shoujo anime of the summer season 2013. So in Brothers Conflict we are following Ema Hinata, a young girl of 16 years old that decided to live with her 13 so called 'siblings' and here is where the trouble begins.

Story: 4/10 The story is very simple, it is a reverse harem it speaks for itself. Girl lives with brothers, all the brothers want a piece of her (or at least most of them). The sad thing is that each episode basically jumps from brother to brother, the main character Ema doesn't form a strong bond with any of the brothers because of the continuesly jumping from one to the other yet most of the brothers all want a romanctic relationship with her while they barely know anything about our main character Ema. But I will delve into this further in the character section.

The reason why I gave the story a 4/10 is because it is a very mainstream anime and not a lot happens, it is all centered around one question which is: who gets the girl? which is exactly the point of a reverse harem. The odd thing that bothers me is that each time you see one of the brothers on screen with Ema they either hug her or kiss her or in the very least touch her and after all that happened she just carries on with her day like nothing of the sorts happened though she consiously knows how all of them feel about her but it just seems like she shrugs it off like it is an everyday thing. Although she proclaims to only want to be 'siblings' with her brothers she gradually allows any of the guys to kiss her and do anything with her as they please.

From episode 1 she knows that they aren't really her siblings since her dad married their mother so technically non of them are related by blood only they are legally a family on paper. Eventhough she knows this she still continues to call them her 'siblings' which is disturbing since the fact that almost everyone of them want to have a romantic relationship with our main character Ema. Everytime she called them her siblings I found myself yelling at the screen 'You aren't siblings! realize that!'

Art: 7/10 the art is basically the save and grace for this anime, the animation is beautiful and fluent, the backgrounds are spendidly done and of course the originality of each character is beautifully portrait. Each one of the brothers are easy to recognize by either hair style/hair color and the color of their eyes. The only downside I have on the art is that the emotions aren't easily recognizable on their faces. Even when they are happy they are very mediocre about it.

Sound: 5/10 the sound was very average in my opinion, each time the intro music and the outro music began to play I found myself skipping over it entirely since I didn't enjoy listening to them. The lyrics weren't the best either, the music is very upbeat and fast paced. Not that there is anything wrong with an upbeat song and I understand they needed to make a happy sounding opening/ending since it is a reverse harem and it is all about romance but I felt like it wasn't necessary. It wasn't bad so to say but it wasn't really enjoyable to me but that is just my personal opinion, each person has his or her own taste of music.

Character: 3/10 The character development is very bad to say the least. Like I said before each episode focuses on one brother at a time and since we have 13 brothers in the house and our main character Ema, character development is very limited.

Not to mention that Ema our lovely main character is as emotional as a brick wall. What is so appealing to her that almost every guy wants a romantic relationship with her? The only traits she has is that she is a nice and caring person and likes video games. That's it. Nothing more.

The fact annoys me that the brothers barely spoke with her and immediatly they have a crush on her, with some of the brothers she has a better connection then with the others but eventhough despite this most of them want her, is it because she is good looking? Not particularly, she looks like an average young girl. Is it because of her character then? No because her emotions are turned off 24/7. So what is it? It is because she is our main character and so that makes it automatically the person everyone desires.

Because it has so many characters and only 12 episodes the character development was sadly nowhere to be found.

Enjoyment: 7/10 despite all the negative aspects of this anime I found it rather enjoyable. not because of the story writing or the characters but mostly because I had a good laugh out of it, every time one of the guys had an encounter with Ema that didn't make any sense at all I found myself at least given a chuckle about this whole affair.

I might give a little spoiler here but in one of the scenes one of the brothers realized he wanted to grow more before he can be a good man to her and it was a very dramatic scene with sad music playing in the background and you know that this was one of those scenes that was meant to make your heart break but instead I found myself laughing on the floor because especially that brother had barely any interactions with her at all.

So my overall score of this anime is a 5/10. If you are into the harem genre I would recommend it or either if you want to laugh at a romantic story that doesn't make any sense at all this is the anime for you!

Hopefully this was helpful