Sep 15, 2013
Aimii0 (All reviews)
I started reading this manga because I'm a fan of Iketani Rikako's work. As always, it didn't disappoint me.

Story(8): It's good. There are some predictable and unpredictable moments and you won't be able to stop reading.

Art(9): Those who know about Iketani Rikako's works are used to her art. I personally loved it from the first moment. It's unique and refreshing, not typical shoujo.

Character(9): The main character is funny and.. unique, I could say. She's not the smartest nor the most beautiful girl, but she's amusing and you'll find yourself rooting for her. She doesn't go fangirling the jerk who pushes her away.
Then there's this cute, younger guy who likes her.

Enjoyment(9): Like I said, I enjoyed reading and couldn't stop.

Overall(9): If you are a fan of shoujo, you should totally try it. Even if you're not a fan, you should still try it! XD

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