Sep 13, 2013
PicosStar (All reviews)
I remember when I read this online when it wasn't a manga, haha! I was kind of excited to revisit this and see what the manga had made it like, but since the last time I read it, it seems I've just lost most interest in shotas cross-dressing and acting all cute.

The manga itself isn't horrible, don't get me wrong. It is not, however, very good plotwise. But really, I think this was designed solely to be a fanservice series. So probably no one is really reading it for the plot anyway. I mean it's just the typical situations that would probably happen if four little boys really did work at a maid cafe.

There typically isn't a lot of character development either. It's nice though that each character is different enough personality-wise, because it makes the series a little more interesting.

The art was one of the more redeeming qualities of this manga. It's what I relied on the most for my enjoyment, since it didn't really have much else besides fanservice. The only problem I really ever had with the art was that the proportions weren't always correct. Otherwise, it does what it sets out to do: cute!

Overall, I don't think this series was really for me. I've just kind of...grown out of it. But if you're someone who like cute things, or traps, or fanservice of little boys, then this is probably for you!

P.S. Sorry if this review seems really slapped together or random. I just wanted to write a review for it since there weren't any!