Sep 11, 2013
Sturmwalzer (All reviews)
Well on first glance it looks like you typical harem with supernatural beings, at second glance it's exactly that and while it may sound kind of critical it is not meant as such.
In fact this is a really funny, light hearted romanctic harem comedy.
I will try to keep this review rather short and may expand it depending on how long this manga will run (currently chapter 28)

Story: 6
Nothing special, you have your highschool boy and cute girls popping up left and right and then fall in love with him. Luckily enough there is a little twist in the story that has a lot of impact. (Minor Spoiler)
Yasuke's soul was forced out of his body and the girl with the strongest feelings towards him harbors it and while the soul is in possession of the girl, he has to touch her in some way (usually holding hands), if that connection is broken he dies and has to be resurrected with a kiss, which leads to a lot of comedy and hilarious moments

Art: 9
The art is absolutely flawless, clean and beautiful, the only problem i would have is that the backgrounds are rather boring or not even there, but thats a minor problem and can be overlooked.

Characters: 8
While they aren't necessarily very creative, they are well executed and all very likeable.
You have your tsundere, your childhood friend, the big sister, your allmost yandere (although more accidently) and so on, they are all funny, cute and fit well with the story.
The MC Yasuke is your typical good guy, but I like that, he is kind to the girls, understanding and very likeable in general, which is in my opinion one of the most important things in a harem manga/anime.

Enjoyment: 9
If you like this sort of Manga, you will have a blast with this one. I loved pretty much every chapter of it, the moderate ecchi scenes were in very good taste and the relationships between the characters are more or less believable.

Overall: 8
As is said in the beginning, it doesn't really bring anything new to the table concerning your usual harem rom-com, but it has everything you expect and want so see, for fans of the genre a absolute must-read and you might even give it a chance if you are not.

For simliar mangas i would recommend Tsuki Tsuki or Omamari Himari, both harems with supernatural beings, but with a little bit more action (especially the later one)