Sep 10, 2013
vinvis (All reviews)
At the time of writing, I've just finished this. At first I was in doubt if I should watch this or not, because of a rather vague description.

I completed this series in two days, the fastest I've ever finished an anime! For anyone deciding whether or not to watch this, that should tell you everything you need to know.

Here's the good versus the bad in my opinion:


- Doesn't lay all the cards on the table right away. Starts off mysteriously.
- Some of the best sound effects for guns I've ever heard in an anime.
- Dynamic, meaningful characters. Especially the main characters show good development throughout the series.
- The male main character's theme song is awesome!
- At times very good and fitting background music!

- Draws you in to keep on watching :). ( okay, one more episode! ) Not by using huge cliffhangers, but the endings that make you curious.
- Good amount of action, but enough cleverness and bitterness sprinkled throughout the series to keep it intelligent and mature.
- It had a very good first half of the season because it had just the right tempo....

- ... but in my opinion they lost that for the second half by slowing down a little too much.
- Art: the male main character's design seems kinda generic. They could've replaced him halfway by Light Yagami (from Death Note)... and I wouldn't have noticed :-).
- The series is not always clear and consistent with how much power some of the characters really have. One moment the series veers toward realism, and the other moment near the extreme (and impossible).

- I listened twice to the opening and ending songs... after that I skipped it each time. Not really memorable.
- First let me say I expected a bitter ending. Something sugar sweet would be quite of place in this series. I would be much more content if they kept the same end-result, but used a different way to reach it. It felt like they were going mainly for shock value. If the ending would've been better, I'd give this a 9. For now it's an 8, meaning 'very good' overall!


Don't be mistaken however by some of my critique however. It is worth your viewing! For me it's on the same level as Steins;Gate... but not quite there yet on the level of Death Note.