Jan 7, 2009
Greenfox (All reviews)
Zaion is a basically a story about a meteorite which landed on Earth containing an alien virus that has begun infecting humans. So basically this is very similar to the Resident Evil theme. The story must also take place in the future because they have warriors using nano-technology and mecha-type machines to fight against these mutated humans. They also decided to stick in a bit of romance which is basically a love at first site ordeal. Overall, the series is worth watching considering it's only 4 episodes and can be watched while you're waiting for your ongoing anime to be posted.

Unfortunately, I can't help having a sense that I was robbed. This could have been a really good series if they wanted to make it a 12-13 episode series and started from the beginning. However, this story takes place after people have been infected and people have already been created to destroy the infected beings. Seeing as it was only a 4 episode series they could only hint upon different things that could have happened. Plus, how things came to be are never explained in detail and it seems like the plot was rushed.

Considering the anime was only 4 episodes I thought they did a pretty good job with character development and the character art suited my taste. Plus the sound fit in well and I enjoyed it......still I'm bummed it was only 4 episodes.

To all those who enjoy an action anime I suggest you watch it. And to those who don't, it's only 4 might as well watch it too