Jan 7, 2009
Ilyaoh (All reviews)
Let me remind you people, this is a anime out of the late '90s

Let's begin with the story, our main protoganist is given a Caizer Stone. Armed with this mysterious crystal, Isato posseses a power to transform in the hero, Gowcaizer. But for the higher purpose, To save the earth, Gowcaizer and his partner in crime, Hellstinger must fight the evil Omni Exist, a manifestation of all negative desires, and of course the source/force after behind the recent disasters.

It'...s a pretty cool story, they brought it well in this anime, actually nothing to say, except is is a good story.

The art is from a lesser level, but hey, it's old. Aside that it's a pretty good style to draw, the animation is of the "90s" level too, but it's extremely good for that time. Same goes for the sound.

The characters, not much to tell there, everythings standard, we have the standard hero with his friend as sidekick, the needed women to bring up the odds and the guy who we think is bad.. but is actually good. As far as the enemy's go, we've got some slime monsters with tentacle's, the mastermind who's all powerfull and the needed minions who match the good guys. And of course one character that gets possesed by the evil force and has to be rescued.

Pretty standard right.

But it's an enjoyable anime, if you like good animation of this time and quality, then it's not an anime for you, but if you don't give a shit if it's old or new, or don't care about quality, then this old anime is something good to see.