Aug 31, 2013
harrysoung (All reviews)
So from what I take from this, KFC meets the president who faces off against Michael Jackson in the apocalyptic future.

Story: Get ready to get your mind screwed left right up and DOWN. The plot twists are insane. They don't even make sense BUT ITS SO AWESOME. Consider Fourteen Umezu Kazuo's twisted vision of the future, where humans have exhausted Earth's resources and progress through life through artificial means.You know shts hardcore if chicken can be grown in a bathtub. He emphasizes the consequences of human interference with nature and concludes that if we don't stop killing trees now, we're dead.

The story explores various philosophical and (pseudo) scientific concepts such as love, immortality, individuality, evolution, aliens; the list just goes on. Add a bit of Umezu Kazuo in there and you get things blown out of proportion. Literally, you cannot help but stop and THINK about what this guy was sniffing and how you could get some of it. It's not necessarily bad per se, its just that its so over the top that whatever material you're presented with will hit you in the face multiple times and HARD.

Art: Quite frankly, it's decent at best. The artist does capture emotions of the characters well and does a good job of consistently maintaining a dark and heavy atmosphere but the art is just bad. Specifically, the style is outdated. Considering it was made in the 90's, I guess it was passable then but in today's standards, if one would flip to a random page of this manga to see its contents they would straight up close it and put it back on the shelf.

Character: Think of Chicken George as the representation of Umezu Kazuo's thoughts and feelings towards the people and businesses that contribute to environmental hazards; its a huge middle finger aiming for their tight butthole. He comes in the story saying "You guys are all going to die and theres nothing you can do about it." When the humans finally think they have a solution; "NOP." When they ask for his help "Come find me in my unfindable castle." He performs his role as a harbinger of doom well, until the author decides to incorporate love into the situation. You'll find that for the most part, Chicken George is probably the most relatable character in the story despite him being an antagonist to all humans.

Enjoyment/Overall: As crazy as the author's ideas were, they were all entertaining to say the least. It was nice to be exposed to someone else's apocalyptic vision of the future, and one as grand as this really broadened my perspective (for better or worse). The 260 chapter experience was worth it and I'd recommend this manga to anyone looking for alternatives on the world's end.