Aug 31, 2013
TheMangaReviewer (All reviews)
Here is my review of Akatsuki No Yona by Kusanagi Mizuho.

Story 9/10:
The story is very good. The first chapter is very gripping, and Kusanagi always leaves her chapters off on a cliff-hanger or a suspense scene. It's very well-written, there's some humor scenes, some tension, some romance and that's what made me like this manga. I still feel that the story could use a bit more movement in the love scenes... I mean, the main character's guardian, Hak, loves the main character but he's always reluctant to make movement for his own good...

Art 10/10:
Brillant. Beautiful. Detailed. I loved it and the art's a big 'yes' for me. This mangaka can draw anything. Big palaces, beautiful cities and of course, interesting characters. I don't even need to say that the art needs improvement. It's gorgeous.

Characters 9/10:
All the characters have distinct personalities. They all have their own story and it's understandable to see why they are like themselves or why they are doing certain things. All the supporting and main characters are indeed, very interesting. There are some characters I wish to see more of and know a bit more about and I do wish the main character becomes a bit more independent (not like she isn't already), which is why I hesitate to give a full score.

Enjoyment 9/10:
I personally find this manga enjoyable. I love love the ancient theme, the fantasy, the legend, the characters... Story does sometimes go off the main plot after chapter 60+, for some chapters which pulls 1 point off my enjoyment, which is why this section is a nine, but it's still brilliant and does make up and link up to the main plot.

Overall 9/10:
This series is amazing! If you're a fan of ancient-themed, romance, harem and fun characters, then this series is for you. It's gripping, suspenseful and enjoyable. I personally think this series is highly underrated and I do wish it was more popular for license in English.