Aug 30, 2013
Nooble5 (All reviews)
After watching the last episode, I'm a little disappointed and back with an updated review.

I'm have watched the entire series including both Season 1 and 2. So I'm under that assumption you watched Season 1.

Story 8/10
First off, the first season focused on Shino, a boy who looks like he's 13 but is actually 18 because he is the holder of a living sword name Murasame, has to travel from village to village to find these beads or gems. It gets a little annoying where the story doesn't progress unless Shino goes traveling to another village or town

In the second season, the series focus a little more on the plot and detail and brings the characters together Shino met from Season 1. They do still have to go to another town or village but it was a little more in depth. One thing that appeals a little more in Season 2 is a little more focus on the characters. They spent two episodes each for Daikaku and Yana and surprisingly two and a half to three episodes focused on Shinobu.

But after that, they rushed the ending in two episodes. There was so much information and stuff thrown at you that it's hard to swallow it all in one gulp.

However, the overall concept of the story is unique with the Eight Dogs of the East and the different gems/beads.

Art 10/10
The art is absolutely amazing. The depth and detail on each character is quite unique. A lot of time was spent on the characters with each character being different even including the characters that only show up once or twice. The landscape and environment is always breathtaking. Even the small house of Daikaku out in the mountain was pretty well done. The Imperial Capital in which the series likes to focus around is always elegant. The detail putted into the city was quite superb. I could babble on and on about it but you won't see how beautiful it is until you watch and pay attention to it.

Character 8/10
Like I said about the story, there was a much better improvement on the characters themselves from Season 1. They bring all the previous characters together at the Capital which was interesting. The characters also show a bit of emotion towards one another and at times it can be amusing and funny when they meet each other at the Imperial Capital. One thing I liked is that they spent three episodes on Shinobu. It allowed us to understand Shinobu's past and how he feels. I wish they did that with the other characters such as Dousetsu for example. They only introduced him in one episode in Season 1 and brought him back by bringing him to the capital in another episode. Hamaji didn't make much of a debut and there wasn't a lot of development even though she was essential to Sosuke and Shino. I wished they did more cameo on her.

Enjoyment 9/10
Despite the small flaws in the story and character, I always looked forward to a new episode every Monday on Crunchyroll. It makes my Monday always better after school. The blend of different supernatural allowed a large variety of imagination. Each character has there own unique powers and 'abilities' making them unique. **I'm gonna list some examples so if you haven't watched it, I recommend moving to the next paragraph. Shino has Murasame which is a crow that can turn into a sword giving Shino some special powers like rain. Shinobu is a tengu who has these beautiful white wings that allows him to make wings and fly. Daikaku has this amusing eye on his forehead that can destroy any spirits or demons like. And what's amusing is that both Shino and Shinobu look young but chronologically, they're 18 and 22. So it was nice to see something different from the norm.**

Overall, I would give it a high 7 or low 8. But since I can't do that, I gave it an 8 because there was a lot of potential in the series. I just wished it wasn't very rushed since the anime is based off the manga. I really wished they would focus a little more on the characters that didn't get the spotlight.

If you read the manga, the anime does leave quite a bit of detail and hints that I find significant. So I recommend reading the manga if you can.

And for the last episode. I'm really upset at the rushed ending. I normally have these 'feels' at the end of most anime but this one, it wasn't as impact-fully because it was rushed so much. You kind of expect for a rushed series especially after watching Episode 4 from Season 1. The ending was kind of predictable to in my eyes. However, there was a lot of cliffhangers and mysterious questions that allows Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun to go for a third season. Despite a 'The End' in Episode 13, the ending they left allows a possibility for a third season if they desire. I don't think the manga has actually 'ended' thus another positive side for those who want a Season 3.

Other than the rushed ending, it was still a comforting and warmth ending. Everyone seems very happy and I loved that they did scenes of each character. Even the characters that only made a small debut made a cameo.

In the end, it was a nice series with a unique turn on supernatural like genre. I loved the protagonist Shino as he is a very cute boy. It was an enjoyable series and I would recommend it but it wasn't the best anime.