Jan 5, 2009
jazmin_s (All reviews)
Story (8/10):
“Aku made shitsuji desu / I am a butler to the core”

Kuroshitsuji takes place in Victorian era London and starts us off in the manor house of Ciel Phantomhive, the twelve year old head of the prominent noble English family. Assisting this young capitalist is Sebastian Michaelis, everyone’s ideal butler, who wishes for nothing more than to fulfill his young master’s every need. Now you may ask – what kind of reader am I, to be so easily marveled by an aristocrat and a merely simple butler? Well, I am obliged to highlight the fact that Sebastian is merely no ordinary butler, and as the story progresses, we soon come to realize that there is more to young Ciel and cunning Sebastian’s relationship. This fine butler is not simply serving Ciel out of the goodness of his heart or for any wealth, but instead is bound to the Phantomhive head by a rather dark contract – all of which is gradually being unraveled as each chapter passes. The story is fantastic and although at times it may seem that some chapters were a little slow and did not create as much emphasis as the last – each is important and ultimately fun to read. Consequently, the story itself is quite unique and definitely an interesting read. Moreover, albeit it may at times seem devoid of something, it will surely not displease in making you laugh and enjoying it enthusiastically.

Art (10/10):
The artwork in Kuroshitsuji is in my opinion extremely beautiful. Almost right off the top, I’m sure you will be impressed. The backgrounds when shown are marvelous and portray an excellent image. The artwork in Kuroshitsuji is magnificent in how well it depicts the Victorian era. By this, I draw attention to the intricate clothing designs that are worn by our characters, the nineteenth century tea and china sets, as well as the interior of the Phantomhive manor. Furthermore moving onto the character designs themselves – I must conclude that they are one of the best I have seen. Sebastian’s look floods sophistication, complexity and style; whereas upon taking a glance at Ciel’s character you immediately recognize an air of superiority, cleverness, and class. The art I believe is one of the best aspects of this manga.

Character (10/10):
The characters are a definite plus for Kuroshitsuji. Ciel Phantomhive is a twelve year old business savvy prodigy who is now the head of the noble English Phantomhive family. He prides on being a well-mannered, mature and calm young man and takes pleasure in winning, whether it be in a deal to gain material objects or to gain something of more value – hence forth proving his interest and hard to believe proficiency in playing games. Additionally, Ciel is the master of Sebastian whom he sees as his pawn and someone who is meant to endure anything in the name of Phantomhive.

Thus bringing us to the sly yet remarkable character of Sebastian Michaelis as the butler of young master Ciel. Sebastian is without a doubt, the best butler to ever serve nobility as he shows his ability to cook as a professional chef, clean so well that he leaves not a speck of dust, maintain the garden and indubitably perform many other tasks while still finding the time to make his master some tea and cake. Sebastian’s awesomeness is further proven as he is the first butler to be able to fight and fend off his masters’ adversaries with simple eating utensils. Yes, Sebastian is the true embodiment of perfection. However, as the story progresses – Sebastian’s true character becomes more and more clear.

One thing I must accurately say about the two main characters and of all the other supporting characters as well, is that each person has a unique story to tell. Although backgrounds are being revealed gradually – it’s quite understandable each character has quite a lot to offer. What is more is that although the story is often times meant to be dark; there are many characters that are ready to provide comical relief at any moment. As stated once before, each character has quite a lot to present from their personality to the overall story.

Enjoyment (9/10):
I am undeniably enjoying Kuroshitsuji to its fullest potential. Although many questions have been provoked, that is to be expected of a manga that is still publishing and continuing with high hopes. Additionally, as each chapter is being released, questions are being answered yet more questions are being put forth – therefore peaking my curiosity to a greater extent. Kuroshitsuji is a perfect balance of supernatural action, mystery and comedy that is makes an amazing manga. Furthermore – this is especially appealing to the females as it contains many “hot bishes/shotas” ^_^;;

Overall (9/10):
All in all, I would recommend Kuroshitsuji to anyone who is interested in reading a manga with a unique and twisting plot, great characters all whom differ in their personalities and abilities and with awe-inspiring art. I am thoroughly enjoying it and I hope others will come to love it as well :)

I hope my first review on MAL was helpful to you and if you have any advice, I would be glad to hear it. Thanks for reading my review and I look forward to many more Kuroshitsuji fans ^__^