Aug 28, 2013
Mcadogg1 (All reviews)
If you're looking for an interesting story and character development, then this probably isn't for you. However, if you're just looking for something to get off too, I definitely recommend this. The story revolves around a college student named Inatani, who receives a bunch of tickets with pictures of breast on them. If he can find the right girl with the breast on the picture he get's to have sex with them. *If only there were such a thing.

Anyways the story isn't much, just your typical guy who basically has his own harem of out-of-this-world sexy women. The art was fair, nothing to complain about, but nothing to ogle about either. The soundtrack was good, I normally don't have any problems with the soundtrack anyway. I was pretty disappointed in the character development though. Half of the girls in the ova didn't even have a name. Also, if you also finish episode 2, pay attention to the relationship between the guy and the silver-haired maid. I mean it made no sense to me because her screen time was pretty short.

My enjoyment of it was however outstanding, because despite all the negative sides of it, come on, it's a hentai, I'm a teenage boy. What'd you expect? Out of an overall rating though, I say it's decent. Basically if you just need something to get off to, this is it guys.