Jan 4, 2009
th_poodle (All reviews)
The story focuses on Haine Otomiya and Shizumasa Togu's relationship, but Tanemura also takes time to explain the other characters' stories as well. As in Full Moon, there were some pretty surprising twists and turns which make the story very interesting. The ending... was cliché Arina Tanemura, and was the only part I didn't like about the story. But when I think about it, there really isn't any other way it could have ended. All of the characters have interesting pasts, and the overall story is pretty enjoyable.

Art--As usual, Arina Tanemura's art is superb. I love the way she draws hair and clothes. Her drawings are always so detailed and pretty, I really wonder how she makes all her deadlines... I gave it a 9 instead of a 10 because I think Full Moon's art was better, but SDC's art is awesome as well.

Character--The main character, Haine, was a bit disappointing. Right from the beginning she's in love with Shizumasa, and I just thought "not another smitten-girl story!" (don't worry, it gets better) She's not that bright and can get pretty annoying at times. The other characters are much more tolerable than Haine, though I really didn't like Maora's identity thing. In general, I don't think the characters were developed all that well, but some do mature throughout the story.

I think the overall enjoyment of the story is great. There are flaws and problems, but when it all comes together everything becomes tolerable. And the amazing art just makes it even better! I highly recommend this manga.