Aug 25, 2013
Oh my god...
I don't know how to start this review without crying again remembering all the things that happened...
One Piece: Episode of Merry - Story of another Nakama was without a doubt a blast from the past perfection!

Let's start from the beginning - the story!
At the middle of the special I thought "well, this is more like 'Episode of Enies Lobby'", because it really seemed that way. I know that that arc was "crucial" for the series and if someone who didn't watched the original anime wouldn't get the point but they could have shortened it a bit more... probably? Either way, it was a big recap of Enies Lobby arc and the part with Merry (which is the special about) was rushed...
I was more that happy and hyped that they re-animated the old scenes about East Blue part and all the nakama but yeah...
Oh, the awesome thing that was included and was more than crucial for the story is Luffy vs Usopp fight which I, well yeah, cried for... again!
So, overall... story gets a 9!

Not that we got an outstanding animation in both Episode of Luffy and Episode of Nami but this was like a crown on the king on shounen! Re-animated parts were just outstanding and perfect and I just... I cry for perfect animation! It was so perfect, so awesome that I really couldn't control my "feels".
Yeah, in some parts you could've seen mistakes and errors and "omg, they put a cross on Luffy's chest, lol" but those were small scenes. And it was an hour and a half special which means a lot of hard work and a lot of focusing and stuff. So, I "closed my eyes" on those small errors and gave art a pure 10!

Sound... I guess it was okay... I must say I expected "Dear Friends" to start playing in the moments of Merry's funeral but once this new song kicked in.... I WAS BLASTED AWAY! IT WAS EVEN BETTER, if I must say! There were old themes from early episodes, bringing back all the feels and memories and that really gave more to the watching - I was really feeling great being taken back "to the old times" when I first watched those episodes. It was all amazing! But... something was still off, dunno... Sound didn't really "blast me away" like the animation did so I give it a 9.

You know... all the seiyuu had to do this again. They had to record all those old sentences, go back to the old times, "repeat" the script, do it all over again. And that way, the whole thing felt different... There were times where the characters were just "OMFG, SO AWESOME!!" but the thing I always notice and will never forget is Robin's cry that she wants to live. I always get chills and sadness overflow at that part and so it happened this time too. But like I said, the seiyuu had to do it again and it just didn't gave impact on me as it did in the actual episode where she yelled that. And not just that part... there were other parts were I DID feel chills and excitement but not that much as I did in the past... so I give a strong 8 to the characters.

After all I wrote just now, someone would say "wtf, you sound like you hate this! why did you even review?! gtfo!"
but, that's where you're wrong...
Even thought I wrote that the story was a bit dragged and for a moment I forgot what special was this, even though I wrote that the art had mistakes at some points, even thought I wrote that the sound wasn't so awesome and that the characters weren't "in character", even thought I said all that.... I enjoyed this! I really did!!
I loved it! I really did!! And I want to watch it again! and again! and again! In fact, I'm just gonna go and watch it and make gifs and post them on tumblr! BECAUSE I FREAKIN' LOVED THIS SPECIAL!! It gave me feels, it made me cry for countless times, really, it brought me back to the old days and made me remember how much I love One Piece! It made me happy! It made me happy that Oda-sensei created this thing, that he's still noway near the end, that it'll continue to be perfect for many years in the future!
This special made me proud that I was a fan, that I was part of the great fandom, that I have so many nakama in the fandom and that we all love and respect each other.
It made me smile, it made me happy...

This special... it was an hour and a half of great memories, awesome animation, superb characters, a part of a pure masterpiece that I will love and support for as long as I live!
Reviewer’s Rating: 10
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