Aug 22, 2013
double (All reviews)
Surprised their are no reviews yet for this manhwa considering it's being updated with 148 chapters already released, but no matter cause here is MY review.

Story - Ruler of the Land is about Han Bi Kwang the 6th disciple of the most powerful master of the dark clan. Despite this Han Bi Kwang has no desire to learn martial arts and only wants to find a wife and live a peaceful life. The story is quite good despite there not being any overall plot like becoming the strongest or taking over the world or anything like that. Mostly you just follow Han Bi Kwang and his perverted antics. Despite this the story doesn't lack since it mostly concentrates on the journey of Han Bi Kwang and his partner.

Art - The art is good but not great. While in general the art is good, there are times when they are fighting that there is too much going on making it difficult to tell what is happening. But other than that, the character designs are good, and you can always tell who is who which many manga have a hard time doing.

Character - This is where Ruler of the Land shines. The characters all have their unique personalities so their in never a dull moment between them. From the extremely perverted Han Bi Kwang to Hwa-Rin uneasy feelings she has toward Bi Kwang the characters make this manhwa what it is. Also something I like there are not a lot of extra characters popping up for a few chapters then leaving, all the characters have their place and help move the story along.

Enjoyment - The enjoyment factor for this is high, took me about two days to marathon through this and considering it had my attention for just about all of it I would say it is an enjoyable read. The thing that makes this so good is that it mixes comedy with seriousness quite well, and even though most of the time jokes are being thrown around that doesn't detract from the overall story. While this wasn't the funniest manga I've ever read it does usually leave you with a smile.

Overall this is a really good manhwa that is clearly underrated. If you are looking for something enjoyable that will make keep wanting to read this is for you. This manwha may not be as popular as some others but this is definitely a must read for anyone looking for a great fantasy, adventure, martial arts story.