Aug 22, 2013
nachobear (All reviews)
Oreshura is the typical romantic comedy/ harem with a light hearted tone. It goes around the idea of conflict between the cunning of the protagonist "girl friend" and jealousy from his childhood friend over him. Throw in some secondary characters and this love triangle becomes pentagon.

Story: At times its quirky, funny and light; a perfect feel good anime story. I felt that some of the character development stories were too cliche, uninspired and just boring to watch.

Sound: Decent music, good voice acting, and appropriate sound effects. What more could you ask for.

Art: the art style of bright and water colored characters really helps give out a fun and non-serious tone that the anime projects. It excels at that point.

Characters: It is Cliched to the max in character plots. There are two Childhood friends, one tsundere, one odd ball and one cunning schemer. The protagonist also falls into the former delusional middle schooler back-story.

Enjoyment: Hey the show itself was a lot of fun with a lot of nice feel good romantic conflict. I love the Romantic comedy genre and its clichednees to be fair but hey it was a good laugh.

Overall: If you like the clicheness of a Rom Com go for it. This provides the expected cliche story with no plot twisting or anything unexpected. However, for anyone who does not enjoy the genre or expects any significant plot or character development get ready to be disappointed .