Aug 21, 2013
iSable (All reviews)
The issues portrayed in this manga are about finding a meaning and value of life by people who already attempted suicide. It's quite interesting in the way how mindset of such persons change in an environment different from everyday comfy life. On the other hand it also faces some of the more universal flaws in humans or human society independent of the environment they are put in.

There is a thought that life should have a meaning, a reason, so that a person would have solid will to live. That is the case in some of the moments you can find in this manga. But it also raises a doubt if what we find meaningful in life is actually all that important and if it's not just self indulgence or deception. Manga is not yet finished so we don't have a clear cut on what the message is. On the other hand that's good in it's own way - leaves some ground and raises some additional existential questions and thoughts for now. Anyway - a great read and a meal for brain!