Aug 21, 2013
angelsreview (All reviews)
Moderator Note: This review was originally written for Hyouketsu Kiss Mate, but the manga has since been merged with Strange Dragon on MAL.

This was a very cute little story that made me smile. The characters were pretty simple in that we have a black sheep and a most popular boy but they changed it slightly in that now we understand the two better. That is something we don’t normally get in a one shot and I’m glad to see it happen. Sometimes even the longer one shots don’t have any back story to the characters and so we miss out on a couple of the things that would happen all because we don’t know the characters.

The art is beautiful and you get a real sense of the characters and what makes them different (Sort of). Sadly because there are no colors, when they keep talking about ice blue eyes and blond hair, I wished I could see at least one image of that color but that’s not the author’s fault.

This is one you may like to read if you like romance style manga and just want a short taste.