Aug 21, 2013
AGOLX (All reviews)
This is actually one of those anime which is more relatable to an actual cartoon with a little more depth,drama and hint of manga styled comedy the violence is just hilarious half of the time they're just shooting and blasting everything on sight.

This show sadly never made it outside Asia or at least in any eng speaking region so this isn't much popular on the web only thing you can actually find about this show is some bootlegs VCD's or youtube videos no torrents or live streams sorry.


The story in this show opens and ends in a very old styled fashion like ranma1/2 story isn't really cohesive as it is chaotic like tom&Jerry you know its just about a housecat its not going to break new grounds.

No matter how crazy the premise gets there isn't really much to the story other than kuro getting into constant trouble and saving his elderly owners which ensures hilarity.


It is very basic&simple but its not too cheap either simple character designs make it easy for comedic purposes and the animation studio didn't really have good funding considering that they got bankrupt and cancelled the show so give them a break.


Japanese voice acting is good as far as i've seen in subbed episodes Kuro chan is actually voiced by the same voice actor as Agumon from digimon besides the music is very catchy and lighthearted.


Kuro: He's the main character who has a short temper and skills to build something from complete scrap yep just like Wile.E.Coyote he can build a giant turbo propelled car out of simple hunk of scrap.

Grandparents: Kuro's owners who are quite simply are not aware of anything going around and are constantly getting kidnapped because of kuro,kinda like Eustace&muriel from Courage the Cowardly Dog.

MI-KUN: Well i'm not Japanese so i thought his name was just "Mikun" turns out "Kun" is a Japanese honorific he's the cat who can shapeshift by attaching metal things to his body and and he can even fuse with kuro he's very gentle and shy unlike kuro.

Nana: An eccentric table lamp turned into a girl robot who's lovesick with a Housecat.. LOL the hilarity

Dr. Go:He's the cliched evil scientist who made kuro into a cyborg though he's not really that evil and actually ends up helping kuro all the time and all the villains are mostly just goofy except for one that is a devil virus.

Matatabi:Well he's a "Rough" kitty who has a history with kuro and is actually NOT A cyborg and yet can talk.. yep its very much like a cartoon now.

Kotaro: A boy Genius who for some reason is obsessed with Kuro and usually hangs around with Dr.GO


If you're a fan of anime like Tokyo pig or shinchan or just a fan of old school anime/cartoon with some comedy you can have plenty of fun with this show.

Well if you find a complete DVDset for this anywhere that is.... >_> well atleast you can still watch some of it on youtube.