Jan 2, 2009
gochisosama (All reviews)
I haven't played the game, nor have I read the visual novel, so I cannot compare and point out about differences or things left out. Thus, this review is about the anime only.

Chaos;Head... I'm going to be honest, and say that Chaos;Head was a real disappointment. The concept is fairly original. I give points for that. If you were like me, I was expecting a fairly elaborate plot with twists and suspense, but Chaos;Head severely lacked that, and thus, it turned out having a really mediocre and a down right uninteresting result. To fit this kind of a story-line, into such a short space of time, obviously was not a very good idea, and the result of this is of huge disappointment.

An Otaku called Takumi lives by himself and excludes himself from the rest of the world. One day, he receives a message from a mysterious "Shougun" with a link to a highly disturbing image of a person staked onto a wall. The next day, after walking through Shibuya, he runs into an alleyway, and accidentally stumbles into a man having been staked to a wall, exactly that in which he saw in the image. As it turns out, these are a series of mysterious seemingly supernatural events referred to, as the "New Generation". Eventually, Takumi gets caught-up with the events of "New Generation" and becomes paranoid of things around him and starts having delusions. He becomes troubled as to who he can trust, what aren't delusions, and who is this mysterious "Shougun" who seems to be around him all the time?

The first half of the series was rather strong. It was very well set up, and had a lot of potential in becoming "one of the greats". Elements of being a very well thought out psychological thriller were present, with small bits of science mixed in with the mythology of the story. Slowly released questions and answers: Good! Although, once it hit around the half way mark, the storyline and plot just began to fall apart, and once it hit the final straight, it basically just blew up on itself. Things became way too obvious. Some scenes became almost pointless. Even when things were still mysterious in some sort of way, the answer was just thrown at you. There are too many times where you could say "Why didn't you do that in the first place!?" and "Isn't it obvious?". They seemed way too rushed, and definitely were not very well thought out. The small amount of romance in the story didn't help at all and it really all seemed a little tacky. As far as I could tell, they just made the story lamer than what it had already become. Where were the twists? Where was the unexpected? Where was the "I want more!" feeling?

One guy surrounded by a whole lot of girls? Fine, if you can pull it off well, then sure. I'd have no objections to that. However, each girl did not play a large enough role. A lot of the times, it was as if they were "just there" without much purpose. Takumi was just way too wimpy and cowardly in the beginning. Good ol' brother-sister personalities are fun, and Kozue added a little more fun into the storyline. Overly obnoxious villain? How original... I'll give points to Takumi's and Sena's past as they're history is certainly interesting, along with Shougun's true identity. Although these played a fairly direct role in the plot, really, the characters were all rather dull and not complex enough.

Animation and character design were rather standard. The character's weren't elaborate, but it worked. There were really no inconsistencies in animation, and the sword designs were certainly interesting and nicely detailed. There really isn't anything outstanding in the OP and ED. They didn't quite fit along with the storyline that well either. The musical score seemed to have trouble in deciding how it wants to fit. I mean, the score wasn't bad as such. It just seemed... well... unfitting with the mood and tone of the scene. In some aspects of the story, the soundtrack was fitting, while most of the time, it just didn't help the scene. All the voices seemed to match fairly well with the characters, although there aren't any real standouts, but nothing to complain about either.

To wrap it all up, Chaos;Head really was just a messy, rushed and not very well thought out anime. It just didn't have that suspense, and nor did it have that much complexity. It certainly had huge potential, however the series just couldn't pull it off. Perhaps if the ending weren't as rushed, and things not so obvious and pointless, I'd be able to give it a better score. I feel I'm being a little generous here, and I've given it an overall 6.5 out of 10.