Aug 13, 2013
Hyperbolic33 (All reviews)
BL author Junko tries out shoujo. As of now only 2 english chapters are out (3rd is in chinese), so there's not much, but I still want to review it.

Story (6) - The story is about an overweight fujoshi (BL lover) who one day loses all her weight by not eating while grieving over her favorite character's death. Not very realistic, but hey it's shoujo. Now that she's pretty every hot boy in school comes out of the woodwork to try and get in her pants; except for one, who is my favorite, and was her friend from the start. Ensue reverse harem with BL undertones. The message that only skinny girls are attractive kind of pisses me off; it's not a very positive message for young girls, which shoujo often targets, other than that I have no problems. It's sort of like Fujoshi Rumi except more shoujo geared and less mature.

Art (9) - Adorable!! Everything about the art is so wonderful and fluffy. All the guys and girls are cute. However, you don't really see any backgrounds it's mainly the characters faces.

Characters (6) - All the characters are feeling like shoujo archetypes so far. Hopefully they will get a little more development, but I doubt it.

Enjoyment (8) - I really like the story other than the whole she's only worth any attention when she's skinny thing. I also really like Junko so maybe I'm a little biased.

Overall (7) - Better than normal shoujo, but you know it's still shoujo so don't expect too much. It's fun and if you're into BL you'll get a kick out of it. The story is kind of like soda it's not beneficial in any way, but it's bubbly, light and fun.