Jan 1, 2009
Mugiwara-Pyon (All reviews)
This anime takes place in a small town called Hinamizawa .Where this boy , Maebara Keiichi moves to this town not knowing the events that has happened before he moved to this small town but soon he'll come to know the terrifying secrets of Hinamizawa as he makes friends with Ryuugu Rena, Furude Rika,Houjo Satoko, Sonozaki Mion .Actually my sis recommended me this anime explaining it to me that its a really bloody gore kind of anime so i thought id watch it since it sounds interesting but when i was watching it , i was thinking..ok?? wow ?? such cute looking characters how can this be some bloody killing kind of anime so i thought the so called " gore killing" wouldnt be bad or anything but i stand was bloody and full of gore and mostly mysteries. This anime doesnt have a story line but is some how like a game , infact it was originated from a game , for example u start at a certain somewhere and there will be different paths leading to different endings and situations, this anime is something like that . Like for example 3 characters could be dead in this arc but in the next arc which follows a different path , those 3 characters would be alive , so each arc actually have different story lines and in each different arc each killer would probably change along with the story line as well, as i said earlier the first half of this anime which are separated in a few arcs are all mysteries and questions ..but each of these mysteries and questions will be answered at the other half of the anime ,at first when i watched it i was confused..really confused but when i continued watching my questions were soon answered. In Higurashi koro ni kai,(the sequel) now for that sequel the answers to the answers its hard to put it in words so u have to watch it to understand... but i seriously recomend u to watch this anime because i enjoyed it alot! and im sure u would..but try not to watch it at night as it may scare u a little hehe but i had to watch it again to fully understand each arc lol becos it was pretty complicated to me

Art: The art i can say honestly is cute and simple :3

Sound: Some characters really do sound crazy in the anime you'll come to understand what i mean soon

Characters : The characters may seem cute friendly quiet happy cheerful and all..but some goes crazy and starts to hallucinate as the anime goes on

Enjoyment: i have to say i really enjoyed this anime so im sure u all would too :D

soo over all i wud give it an 8 or 9 :3 hope my review helps..though it may be a lil confusing >.<