Aug 10, 2013
SweetOmelette (All reviews)
I'm a big sucker for sports animes that gets you all pumped up and excited, Prince of Tennis is one of those. It actually inspired me to play Tennis. Now onto the actual review.

Story- 8
The story was not the most original,however it has its own unique quality. Basically, the protagonist, Ryoma Echizen is a 12 year old tennis player who travels back to Japan from America to surpass his father and develop himself to become a better tennis player. The story follows the challenges he faces and the people he encounters. The story has its ups and down and there are a few surprises, so in all I think it's a great story.There are times where the story seems to drag or some repetitions in the matches-like my friend once told me : I got bored past 100 episodes because they were basically repeating the same thing with the different characters. I don't know if that might be the case for you, but it wasn't for me, I found it to be interesting nevertheless. Also, some parts of this anime seems to defy logic and physics, haha. It's like watching superman tennis or something ^_^

Art-7 + Sound-8
The art was bothering me at first, but I guess it's pretty decent for a 2005 anime. I totally love the soundtracks, some of them really bring the necessary emotions in the scene.

Characters- 9
As for the characters, I think they are extremely well-done. I grew an attachment to most of the characters in the anime. They have unique personalities, and each and every one of them felt really realistic.Though, I must say the girls' personalities are pretty typical. I found myself tearing when it was ending because I didn't want to part with the characters. (Yes, even Horio-kun LOL) They were so wonderfully made and developed. Additionally,it was the first anime where I didn't have any characters that I hated.

Overall, I give this anime an 8. It was fairly enjoyable and a perfect anime to watch. I highly encourage you to watch it if you want to kill time and enjoy some laughs as well as emerge yourself in some sports anime.