Jan 1, 2009
Mugiwara-Pyon (All reviews)
This is a gore anime with nudity which mainly focuses on women who have horns growing out of their skull..they were born like this and by the age of 2 most wud have a killing instinct and wud have the power to do so freely . They have a number of four invisible arms at connected to their backs..these arms have super strength and a powerful cutting ability which makes them possible to even rip off someones body in half , they can also block bullets and such. The length of these arms are at a random length of 2meters to 10m but there is an exception in some where they wud be mutated and have more han 4 arms and an incredibly long reach .These arms are called vectors and women with these horns are called Diclonious ..only females have this weird ability and most females with horns are killed the day they were born but some were taken in for experiments which resulted in them going crazy and wud probably go on a killing spree if they happened to be let free. This anime contains only 12 episodes while the manga contains a total of 100+ chapters so in the anime they wud be cutting everything short

Art: hmm the art is pretty good i guess but its not reli my taste so i wud give it an 8 or 7 might probably differ from everybody else as this is my taste

Sound: The sound effects of killing and blood splashing here and there is pretty good and realistic i have to say :3

Character: ok ok i reaally have to say that i dont like the 2 main characters which are cousins they just annoy me so much >.>

Enjoyment : well i kinda only enjoyed the killing and gore scenes :3

Overall i say its worth a 7

the end of the anime wud be a little confusing as it just stops like fully understand this anime read the manga