Jan 1, 2009
Mugiwara-Pyon (All reviews)
This is some kind of weird funky kind of anime which somehow takes place in the future where these 2 people , pandy and retro who wakes up naked in this deserted place near a city and they have no recollection or memory of what happened before they woke up in that place. Both of them team up together to get some clothes food and such and become wanted criminals in that city and resulted in them getting caught and brought to an infamous prison going by the name of dead leaves where escape is impossible.Its full of gore killing , bloody scenes along with some sex scenes and funny scenes. This anime is also pretty comedic in a different way

Art: This is the only anime i've come across so far with this kind of art..its reli funky and crazy with lots of colours

Sound: sounds realistic to me..with explosions and stuff

Characters: the characters here are pretty crazy with weird personalities

Enjoyment: i thought this anime was funny so i have to say its pretty enjoyable if u want to watch some thing which is different

Overall id give it a 9 :3..hope my review helped :D enjoy the anime Dead Leave XD