Dec 31, 2008
Mugiwara-Pyon (All reviews)
This is an everyday high school life kind of anime.The two main characters Taiga and Ryuuji.Both of them help each other to win the hearts of the person they admire..The girl ryuuji admires is minori who is the best friend of taiga and the guy Taiga likes is Ryuji's best friend.I've only watched 11 episodes so i cant explain much but basically its just a typical high school life with some problems here and there

Art: Its art is pretty unique.I find Taiga unique as i dun see characters drawn like her very often.Same goes for ryuuji..The thing i like about this art is that its not some typical common looking anime character :D

Sound: sound is reasonable i guess no flaws and such

Character: Ryuuji is actually and good and non violent guy dispite his looks and the misunderstandings ppl gives him because of his appearance. Taiga on the other hand is cute and small sized but dispite her appearance shes very violent and alot of ppl are afraid of her..including teachers..there are a few other characters which will be introduced and im sure you'll come to find them interesting as i do too

Enjoyment: so far i think i enjoyed it well . Good comedic scenes which will be sure to tickle ur funny bone(omg that line was so corny haha)

Overall i guess this anime is worth a 9 :3

hope my review helps ya! enjoy watching Toradora :3